NIDEK Experience Center

Innovations driving better patient care

Experience the latest innovations from NIDEK at our virtual center where you can learn from expert clinicians, NIDEK experts, and core engineers who are committed to driving better patient care. The Main Auditorium will have live programs featuring speaker presentations, a live panel discussion, and live audience Q&A sessions. The Center Map will direct you to venues where you can find learning materials based on your interests.

Retina Months 2

Join us to learn about managing retinal diseases with multimodal imaging using the NIDEK Mirante. Retina Months 2 will include the benefits of incorporating Microperimetry into your practice. The addition of the MP-3 for Microperimetry and the Mirante ensures your practice remains at the forefront of care for patients with retinal pathology.

Center Map

Room Mirante

The Ultimate Multimodal Imaging Platform State-of-the art SLO/OCT combo

Explore your interest in the Mirante

Room MP-3

The Automatic Microperimeter with a Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera

Clinical pearls on Microperimetry with the MP-3
Live Session #1

Emerging role of Mirante: Widen the horizons of multimodal imaging and its clinical applications

Live Session #1 has concluded. Exceptional content from Dr. Nagpal, Dr. Somkijrungroi, Dr. Yong and Dr. Kadomoto!

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Live Session #2

Seeing the pulse of the retina

Live Session #2 has concluded and will be posted online soon. Thank you to Dr. Sadda, Dr. Kadomoto, Dr. Corradetti, Dr. Iyer and Dr. Waheed for their exceptional presentations!

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